We are asherleaf.

We work with forward thinking clients to enhance their corporate value while protecting environmental and social capital.

asherleaf is a leading sustainability advisory firm based in Toronto, Canada. We focus on identifying and solving environmental, social, governance and economic problems.

But then we go further.

We help you increase profitability and share value, reduce cost and risk, improve reputation and streamline governance by enhancing your ability to make better decisions faster.

We specialize in innovative ideas and great relationships with our clients.

Nelson Switzer

president & chief sustainability officer

Nelson’s fundamental professional goal is to identify, open and protect profitable opportunities for his clients that also preserve natural, social and cultural capital. Nelson’s creative collaboration allows him to zero-in on the real issues and find solutions that match corporate challenges. Nelson’s experience as a strategic sustainability advisor includes work with global and local, public and private sector corporations as well as government and the not-for-profit sector.

Nelson is a dedicated problem solver. Through his work, his lectures and his writings, Nelson demonstrates the interaction between business, the environment and the community and sketches a path toward sustainability.

As president & chief sustainability officer of asherleaf, Nelson guides a leading management advisory practice considered crucial for businesses to thrive in the evolving economy.

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Our process

Our work is carefully planned and executed to produce results. We are passionate about the work we do and strive for innovative quality. Our experience and personal involvement means that our relationship will exceed expectations and support the strategic goals of your corporation.


Develop a thorough understanding of your company,
issues, opportunities and priority objectives.


Present innovative strategic solutions that reflect
your objectives and outline the desired outcome.


Table strategy and tactics as actions for review.


Pilot and execute actions alongside quantifiable
and qualitative metrics.


Evaluate success against priority objectives, correct,
optimize and enhance corporate value.

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