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We inspire people, teams, corporations and the public.

Our president & chief sustainability officer, Nelson Switzer, is a sought after speaker. His unique style, honest delivery and experienced perspective result in discussions that are considered some of the most innovative, inspiring and groundbreaking today.

A leader in his field, Nelson’s lectures and writings educate, inspire and empower people and corporations alike.

Selected Keynotes


Corporate Sustainability 101

This lecture explores the internal and external value of Corporate Sustainability – how translating the philosophy of Sustainable Develop to a management system drives value through enhanced decision-making.


What is Innovation, Really?

Exploring the difference between creativity and innovation is at the heart of this dramatic exploration of today’s most overused and misunderstood watch-word.


Warring over Water

Fought for on every continent using policy, shovels and even guns, the battle for water continues. This powerful lecture explores where we are now and where we may be headed – global water war.


The Custom Series

Continuously innovating and writing, Nelson Switzer is also available to craft a custom lecture or series to suit your interests and needs.

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