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Listen, think, collaborate, advise, enhance, execute, sustain.

We enhance the sustainability of business.

Strategy: master planning

We develop, augment and upgrade Sustainable Development, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship programs. From crisis management to program overhaul, we provide comprehensive strategies that produce results. Our expertise and collaborative approach means that we deliver work that exceeds expectations, effectively manages your issues and meets the needs of your stakeholders.

  • Program and issue inventory, assessment and prioritization
  • Benchmarking and asherline TM
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Partnerships
  • Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer

Communication: listening and responding

We speak the language of business and sustainability. Finding a common language that you and your stakeholders can share is essential to the security and growth of your business. We help you identify your stakeholders and provide them with information that removes obstacles, builds partnerships and improves overall relations. We help you build relationships that matter with trust, transparency, collaboration and honesty.

  • Sustainability and corporate reporting
  • Speech writing and review
  • Survey responses
  • Stakeholder research, negotiation and partnership
  • Investor relations

Behaviour: hearts & minds

We work with you to attract, engage and retain employees. Innovative and flexible culture is the key to corporate growth. We understand what it takes to influence corporate culture because we listen carefully, pay attention to detail and don’t try to change, but rather enhance your corporate culture.

  • Corporate policy development and review
  • Code of conduct and business principles
  • Training and workshops
  • Corporate and public speaking
  • Community Investment

Governance: decision-making

We provide the tools that allow you to make better decisions faster. The best decisions are made when all of the facts are known and factored in to the equation. Our experience and knowledge of the environmental, social and economic issues of business provides us with the unique ability to keep you informed and help you make profitable decisions.

  • Performance indicators and measurement
  • Risk management and due diligence
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Committee structure and administration
  • Audit and assurance
  • Data interpretation

The Rest: but do you?

We offer a range of other services that are not noted above. So, if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. If we don’t do what you need, we will connect you with one of our expert partners.

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